Support West Street Cycleway – Stage 1

At last! There is now movement from North Sydney Council on the West Street Cycleway which is part of Bike North’s top priority route to complete the black hole of cycling in North Sydney. While this is a minuscule section of what is needed, it is a start, and we recommend you go to the consultation page here and register your support for this project. Your support is essential to ensure this project moves ahead.

We also recommend you support Council proceeding immediately with concepts for Stage 2 and 3 and fund / seek funding to build a bike path along West Street ASAP. This section will connect to the existing Ridge Street cycleway, a step forward to bringing that bike path into a cycling network.

This section also connects to the existing bike routes towards the Berry Street/Miller Street intersection. These routes are riding southward along Church Lane and Alfonso Street and northward on Pacific Highway and together along Berry St shared path.

We also urge that Council pushes Transport for NSW hard to build a separate bike path along the Pacific Highway from Arthur Street (near Middlemiss St) and connecting directly into a West Street Cycleway.

You too, could raise the urgent need for the Pacific Highway bike path and your request for state funding for the West Street Cycleway with your local state member – pointing out North Sydney Council is finally inching ahead. Note there is an information stall this Saturday 15 October Northside Produce Market (8am-midday), a good opportunity to ask questions and state your support.

Carolyn New