Bike North out and about promoting cycling

Making the most the sunny weekend a number of Bike North members were volunteering out and about promoting cycling and Bike North’s social rides, skills courses and local advocacy.

  • Chatswood Mall talking about e-bikes and cycling as sustainable transport option as well as for recreation- this was part of Willoughby Council Sustainability Unit EV showcase.
  • At Granny Smith Festival at Eastwood, talking about Bike North activities, local routes in the Ryde area and also on safe cycling in partnership with the Road Safety Team from Ryde Council.
  • Pop-up promotion on the route of Spring Cycle – when the ride crossed the river back to the northside – with a couple of thousand people riding bikes pedalling by.

Thanks to those who volunteered – there will be more opportunities to help out in October and November at the bicycle maintenance and cycling skills workshops.

Alison Pryor