Held in conjunction with the AGM, this day is a celebration of cycling in and around Bike North territory. Several rides begin and end at Meadowbank in time for our typically short Annual General Meeting followed by a catered lunch.

2022 Big Rides Day

One thing Bike Northers like to do is get together.  We ride together, we support each other and recently we did so in large numbers, at the Big Rides Day (20 March).  Over 100 people registered!  After years of Covid and months of rain, we finally made it.  The day was as sunny as our spirits.

Ride Leaders organised NINE separate rides, all converging at Bicentennial Park for lunch.  And what a lunch it was!  The Social Committee did us proud with some delicious individual Vietnamese meals (served Covid-safely, of course!).

It was our opportunity to recognise formally the contributions of three very special people: Willemina Hagen, Gerrit Hagen and Darryn Capes-Davis. 

Life Membership for Gerrit Hagen
Thanks to Willemina

We thanked Willemina for her many many times as sweep, Gerrit for his enormous contribution to the rides program and Darryn for his extensive contributions at all levels of the organisation.

Phill Hart and Darryn Capes-Davis

Once again, we thank the Ride Leaders and the Social Committee (Theresa Gin, Christine Jessep and John Williams) for making possible such a refreshing and satisfying event.

Phill Hart, President